20 Years of RHOTHETA Bearing Systems ...

They are monitoring all kind of vehicles (on- and offshore and also airborne) and can help saving lifes !

The RHOTHETA Elektronik GmbH is building high precision bearing systems for applications in aviation and navigation. The range of application is multifarious, as shown in the following factual report.

Our RT-1000 bearing systems for application in aviation are installed worldwide on smaller and middle sized airports.

The counterpart for the on-board application in Helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts is the RT-600 bearing system.

This modern high precision direction finder was especially developed for professional SAR services (Search and Rescue) and LE – applications (Law Enforcement)

The RT-202 direction finder for MOB (man – over – board) applications is our top-selling product. Its domain is the integration in professional SAR units, boats / FRC’s of research organisations and public authorities, Coast Guards, Offshore wind parks, VOLVO Ocean Race and also owners of leisure crafts, who just care about their own safety.

The needs for modern and high precision direction finding systems have been risen up rapidly within the past 10 years. Directly out of these requirements the RT-300 was developed. The RT-300 is fulfilling all the requirements of a high-precision direction finding system. You can find the RT-300 either in aviation as an UHF – air band – receiver or in navigation as a VHF – marine – sea band – receiver. But both systems do have one commonality: The RHOTHETA man – over – board function on 121.500 MHz.

Its application is similar to the RT-202 in SAR, research, offshore and other seagoing units.

The RT-500-M (Marine) is our “kingly product”. Its robust antenna unit and its multifarious application purposes will leave nothing to be desired on that modern and high-precision direction finder. Its high accuracy in bearing, monitoring of the civil and military emergency frequency (121,500 MHz / 243,000 MHz), bearing and scanning of the whole maritime VHF seaband (Channel 00 – 88) and also the 406 MHz frequency range (including the decoding of received COSPAS-SARSAT pulses) are only a few possibilities, which that especially for SAR purposes developed direction finder will offer to its users.Its domain will be located at the professional SAR services, Pilots services, Navy’s, Coast Guards and also in different VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) solutions.

The RT-500-M built in at a VTMS Application in the port of Kota-Kinabalu Sabah, East Malaysia

In the very beginning of the year 2008, after an endless developing period, RHOTHETA launched its latest product the Personal Locator Beacon RT-B77 HELB.

Man over board ! A horror scenario for every ship’s command;- equal if it happens on a pilot tender (picture), rescue cruiser, merchant ship, tug boat or even a pleasure craft. Oftentimes it happens at difficult weather conditions like heavy rain, storm, poor visibility and low temperatures of air and water. All these circumstances will complicate the search and the rescue of the person in water. Especially for that reason RHOTHETA Elektronik GmbH developed a number of high – precision and trustful Direction Finders and Personal Locator Beacons (PLB’s) for professional operations at sea.

Why to wait for help from outside or third parties (COSPAS-SARSAT), if the rescue is already on scene? Even the above mentioned circumstances are the reason, why immediate action is necessary. The ways of COSPAS-SARSAT are long, - even longer – and they end where the 121,500 MHz begins. The ship’s command must be informed about the man – over – board;- immediately after the event occurs. This guaranty is given by RHOTHETA Elektronik GmbH together with the manufacturer of life jackets, Messrs. SECUMAR. Immediately after inflation of the life jacket, RHOTHETA’s Personal Locator Beacon RT-B77 “HELB” will be activated automatically and will inform the ship’s command via the international emergency frequency 121,500 MHz (this frequency still remains as an international emergency frequency as well after discharge from COSPAS-SARSAT). Well equipped with a high – precision Direction Finder of RHOTHETA, the typical sweeping tone of the PLB will be received immediately after activation on board of the own vessel and informs the ship’s command, which will start an immediate man – over – board – manoeuvre in order to home directly to the person in the water. Therefore valuable time is saved in the run against drowning and hypothermia and only minutes (and not a longer time period – COSPAS-SARSAT) will pass between the basic event of MOB and the rescue of the lost crewmember.

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